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Nev Vs Bouncer Boy
Add Date: 2/1/2009
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Category: Others
Description & Manual :
The aim of the game is to direct Nev aross the dancefloor to the golden star using the cursor keys,collecting as many records as you can along the way. Take care to avoid Bouncer Boy who is trying to bounce Nev out and bust the records before he can collect them.
Beware-Bouncer Boy becomes invisible once you start to play and you have to take it in turns to move one square at a time across the board. If you manage to pick up the gold disc you can freeze Bouncer Boy who will become visible while you take 5 free moves.
Make sure you get Nev to the golden star before the 45 seconds are up and see if you can make it to level 2, where you'll need to avoid the special spring squares that bounce Nev back to the start.
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